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My Favorite Weather Links

Hourly Weather
Radar: Philadelphia (Fort Dix)
Radar: Dover, DE
PA 600mile Radar
NE US 1500mile Radar

Zone Forecast

Climate Data: Trenton
Climate Data: Newark
Climate Data: Atlantic City

Forecast Discussion

Severe Weather Watches
Severe Thunderstorm Warning
Tornado Warning
Winter Weather Advisories, Watches, and Warnings
Individual severe weather watch: http://www.spc.noaa.gov/products/watch/wwNNNN.html

Surf Forecast for New Jersey and Delaware
Surf Forecast for Maryland and Virginia

General NWS Product List

Problem: You’ll get a 404 when there are no active products of a certain type for a certain location.
TODO: Find weather.gov links for radar images.

Thank you, Hyperreal!

After enough years that I’ve literally lost count, I’ve moved my horch.org vanity domain off of Hyperreal, where they’ve let me freeload all this time. For that, they get a HUGE thank-you from me.

I moved to Bluehost, because it scored near the top of the surveys I read, and because there’s an affiliate link for them at coverville.com (tied with Night Vale as my favorite podcast), and I wanted to throw a few bucks their way.